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Chord Company Signature Tuned ARAY XLR

Chord Company Signature Tuned ARAY XLR

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Chord Company Signature Tuned Aray hos Lefflers Ljud & Bildupplevelser i Norrköping

XLR-kablar använder ofta två ledare för att bära signalerna och skärmen för jord. Vi lägger till en tredje identisk ledare för retursignalen på Chord Signature. Skölden är ur kretsen och oönskade störningar minskas.

Using identical conductors for signal and return is a very easy was of improving the performance of an audio cable – something we’ve been doing for many years. With many XLR cables, the two signal wires end up being used to carry the hot (in phase) and the cold (out of phase) signals, while the earth/return connection is made with the shield.
We think there’s a better way, so we add a third identical conductor to carry the earth/return signal. It takes the shield out of the circuit and by doing so we can seriously reduce unwanted interference. All of our XLR analogue cables are built this way.
We also fit the Tuned ARAY conductor geometry, protective black braiding and silver-plated Neutrik XLR plugs.
By using separate shielding on all three conductors and the Tuned ARAY conductor geometry, we have been able to produce a neutral and musically transparent XLR cable.

If you have both RCA and XLR connections and haven’t made up your mind which you prefer, consider trying both the Signature XLR and RCA Tuned ARAY and compare how much of the musical signal you get and just how real it sounds.

Signature Tuned ARAY XLR