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Chord Electronics CPM 3350 CPM 3350 Silver

Chord Electronics CPM 3350

117 000 kr

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117 000 kr Beställningsvara
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Chord Electronics CPM 3350 hos Lefflers Ljud & Bildupplevelser i Norrköping

Vårt flaggskepp CPM 3350 integrerad förstärkare kombinerar den legendariska förstärkningen med låg distorsion av SPM 1050 Mk. II med precision och kontroll av CPA 3000 för att producera vår finaste flexibla hybrid. CPM 3350 förkroppsligar Chord Electronics rena ljudupplevelse

The CPM 3350 is our high-power stereo integrated amplifier and offers a conservative 250 watts of power, compared to our entry-level amp, the CPM 2650, which offers 120 watts. Like its sibling, the CPM 2650, the design uses trickle-down technology and construction techniques from our pre and power amps, in this instance, the CPA 3000 preamp and SPM1050 MkII power amplifier, distilled down into a neat, one-box solution.
The amp offers great flexibility across its inputs, with adjustable input-gain — individual gains can be selected to prevent unwanted swings in volume when switching between inputs. The CPM 3350 enables line-level connection of up to six external components using RCA connections, with a further XLR balanced input option across two of the inputs. The amp also offers a bi-amping function and a preamp function, via a separately switchable preamplifier output. Two tape loop outputs are also provided.
Chord’s ground-breaking ultra-high-frequency proprietary power supply technology is deployed in the CPM 3350, plus our own proprietary lateral-structure dual-die MOSFETs. Capable of delivering 250 watts into 8 ohms and colossal power into a decreasing load, the powerful CPM 3350 retains all the famous Chord hallmarks: power, resolution and transparency to name but a few. Further features include gold-plated speaker binding posts, capable of accepting spade or banana cable terminations, plus a front-panel display.

Fully Analogue Integrated Amplifier
Inputs & Outputs:
2x Stereo Balanced XLR Inputs – Disc 1 and Disc 2
4x Stereo Unbalanced RCA Inputs – Video, Radio, Tape 1, and Tape 2
1x Stereo Unbalanced RCA Preamplifier Output
1x Pair of High Quality, High Current, Gold Plated Type Speaker Terminals

Output Power:
220w RMS per channel @ 0.05% distortion into 8Ω
Frequency Response:
-1dB – 0.8Hz to 46kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio:
Better than -103dB
Channel Separation:
Better than 80dB
Input Impedance:
47kΩ Unbalanced – 94kΩ Balanced
Output Inductance:
Slew Rate:
70v per μS 1kHz, 20v Square Wave
Dimensions Without Integra Legs:
15cm (H) 42cm (W) 36cm (D)
Dimensions With Included Integra Legs:
17cm (H) 48cm (W) 36cm (D)

CPM 3350