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Sonus Faber Olympica II Olympica II Svart


Sonus Faber Olympica II

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Olympic Theatre: it is design, planning, harmony, proportions, acoustics, sensitivity, search for beauty, wonder, expert processing of materials, emotions. One of the greatest works of the Master and chief architect Andrea Palladio created before his death as a perennial gift to Vicenza, enriching it further with another precious gem and a universal example of beauty and ingenuity. True and exemplary values that all can enjoy and make their own thanks to their glorious and radiant presence. And Sonus faber created in this beautiful and fortunate land could not but make this teaching and principles its own since its very beginning, inextricably linking them to their own history and then applying them in its Musical instruments which proudly resonate with the harmony of the city and the art that inspired them. In acknowledgement of the unique legacy of Andrea Palladio, Sonus faber has decided to create Sonus faber Olympica, a sincere homage to the Olympic Theatre, temple of geometric pleasure in the voice of Music, the container in which sound seamlessly expands and an accurate reference model of acoustic enhancement.

Sonus faber wanted to create a family of speakers rich in content but also evocative of those visual and tactile emotions that have always characterized its production. Thus, wood, leather timeless craftsmanship values of careful and passionate production, able to make anyone understand the sincere love for their work and Music. The Sonus faber Olympica project is made up of a new family of passive acoustic speakers that will add to the existing catalogue of the Arcugnano factory, aesthetically characterized by the use of two iconic Sonus faber noble materials, walnut wood and leather. The launch of the new family will occur in two phases, the first three models Olympica I (2-way bookshelf), Olympica II (3-way floor-standing) and Olympica III (3-way floor-standing) will be presented to the world at the prestigious trade show Munich High End 2013 from 9 – 12 May and the remaining part will see the spotlights at the end of the summer. With this new project Sonus faber has been able, with great balance, to unite our quintessential style with the introduction of significant elements of technological innovation, therefore combining modernity with the classic stylistic canons of Sonus faber. This has been possible thanks to the enormous teamwork by the R&D department, headed by Paolo Tezzon and Livio Cucuzza and the significant growth in terms of manpower and resources. The new Sonus faber Olympica line also represents the desire of the Vicenza house to offer its clients a range of models so that everyone can find the right solution in terms of use (two channel or home theatre) and in terms of space (bookshelf or floor-standing in various dimensions) forever insuring the historic Sonus faber quality in relation to materials implemented, design features, performance , and of course the exclusive charm of a speaker designed as a musical instrument and entirely produced in Italy.


Cabinet is characterized by the use of natural walnut wood, top and bottom in solid walnut and with magnificent joints in clear maple wood in the walnut finish and more traditional black maple in the graphite finish. The form is the synthesis of the experience gained with the flagship Aida and the classic lyre form. The important difference lies in the particular asymmetry of the section introduced for the first time by Sonus faber.

The top is covered in natural leather (with feature stitching and hot branded Sonus faber logo) and aluminum ring, the front baffle is covered in natural leather with no visible screws and the back is also covered in leather with sunken serial number tags below which there are the terminals.

The last but significant aesthetic note is the unusual location and geometry of the side reflex port vertically designed and embellished with a perforated metal sheet placed in the vicinity of the long outlet.

29 mm dome Tweeter containing DAD technology deriving from the experience of Aida and neodymium magnet.

150 mm Midrange with a cone made of an original mixture of cellulose, kapok and kenaf.

180 mm Woofer with a cone made up of a sandwich of cellulose pulp membranes and rigid syntactic foam.

Konstruktion: 3-vägs basreflex (paralaminar stealth flow vented loudspeaker)
Rekommenderad Förstärkareffekt: 50W – 250W, utan klippning
Känslighet: 88 dB SPL (2.83 V/1m)
Nominell Impedans: 4 ohm
Delningsfrekvens: 250Hz och 2.5kHz
Frekvensomfång: 40Hz – 30.000Hz, tuning port included
Kabinett: Enhanced “Lyre shape” design, progressive thickness triple curvature cabinet walls damped spread resonance spectrum system. Solid walnut vertical clamps employed.
Delningsfilter: Non-resonant “progressive slope” design, optimized amplitude/phase response for optimized space/time performance. “Paracross topology” on both the tweeter hi-pass and midrange band-pass.
Bas: 180mm (7") Sonus faber woofer W18XTR is a direct descendant of the 8.75” (220mm) speaker used in “Aida”. The lightweight “sandwich cone made from a blend of a synthetic foam membrane and coated with cellulose pulp are voiced to blend with the midrange drive units and exhibit its same sonic characteristics. The result is absolute definition and coherency in the critical mid frequency range. A long-throw motor system with a 1.5" diameter controlled "eddy current" voice coil is implemented for high speed, dynamic performance and linearity.
150mm (6”), Sonus faber M15XTR, a new Sonus faber designed ultra dynamic linearity mid-woofer is used. CCAW wire is used on a composite former “eddy current free” voice coil. The dynamically linear magnetic field motor incorporates triple Kellog/Goeller rings. A special custom diaphragm is made with a real time, air-dried, non-pressed blend of traditional cellulose pulp, kapok, kenaf and other natural fibers developed by ear according to the most natural sound. To further inhibit any residual cone coloration we are using a transparent viscous surface damping coating. Special coaxial anti-compressors are used, designed to remove cavity resonance and distortions.
Diskant: 29mm (1.1"), Sonus faber “Arrow Point” DAD (Damped Apex Dome), is a synthesis of the classic dome and ring Transducer 29XTR2. A Sonus faber designed moving coil driver. The ultra dynamic linearity is delivered by a new Neodymium motor system.
Mått: 370x1055x472mm (BxHxD)
Vikt: 68 kg

Olympica II