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Hegel H360

Förstärkare med inbyggd DAC

Hegel H360

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Hegel H360 is a giant among integrated amplifiers. With 250 watts per channel into 8 ohms and a damping factor of more than 4000, it will control virtually any loudspeaker on the market. Thanks to the patented SoundEngine technology, this beast of an amplifier combines power, dynamics, finesse and musicality like no other integrated amp on the market. The connectivity is more of a bonus... There are balanced and unbalanced analog inputs. There is a Home Theatre bypass. There are optical and coaxial digital inputs, as well as a USB input for any signal up to DSD128... And, yes - it is also a streamer. Need we say more?

The core of everything Hegel is sound quality, and the H360 is no exception. The obvious benefit of the H360 is easy to see - power. It can deliver 2 x 250 watts per channel into 8 Ohms, and is stable even in lower impedances. Furthermore, the damping factor of more than 4000 makes certain it can take control over even the most demanding loudspeakers. The H360 will always play with great authority and ease.

Rarely is such power combined with finesse. However, specially designed power supplies driving precision volume attenuators contributes to an extremely low noise floor. Hand matching near perfect transistor pairs in the input stage reduces harmonic distortion. Our patented SoundEngine technology reduces over all distortion, and especially cross-over distortion. Our designers understand how transistors work, down to the atomic level, and have used all this knowledge in designing the H360.

The H360 incorporates a high quality DAC, using Hegel’s proprietary re-clocking. The benefit of this is that we can make everyday sources sound really good. Sources like a phone or a computer. This is why we have also included functionality like Apple AirPlay and DLNA streaming. There is also a reference class USB input, supporting all formats including native DSD64 and DSD128.

Korta fakta:
►2x250W i 8 ohm, 2x420W i 4 ohm
►Dual Mono konstruktion
►Inbyggd högkvalitets DAC
►Avancerad omklockning
►6 Digitala In, 1x USB, 1x Koaxial S/PDIF, 3x Optisk TOSLink S/PDIF, 1x Ethernet
►1 Digital Ut: 1x Koaxial S/PDIF

Uteffekt: 250W + 250W i 8 ohm, 420W + 420W i 4 ohm, minsta belastning: 2 ohm
Analoga Ingångar: 1 Balanserad (XLR), 1 Obalanserad (RCA), 1 Obalanserad Home Theater (RCA)
Digitala Ingångar: 1 Koaxial S/PDIF, 3 Optiska S/PDIF, 1 USB, 1 Ethernet
Analoga Utgångar: 1 Obalanserad (RCA), 1 variabel Obalanserad (RCA)
Digital Utgång: 1 Koaxial S/PDIF (from digital inputs only)
Styringångar: IR, 3,5 mm jack (bakre)
Frekvensomfång: 5 Hz-180 kHz
Signal/Brus: Bättre än 100dB
Överhörning: Mindre än 100dB
Distorsion: Mindre än 0.01% @ 100W 8 ohm 1kHz
Intermodulation: Mindre än 0,01% (19kHz + 20kHz)
Dämpningsfaktor: Mer än 4000 (Huvud Utgångssteg)
Mått: 430x150x430mm (HxBxD)
Vikt: 20,5 kg