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Hegel HD30

D/A-omvandlare med USB

Hegel HD30

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\"After years of relentless demand for a Hegel full-sized DAC, we finally embarked on designing the HD30. It evolved into the most ambitious design project in HEGEL`s 25-year history. HD30 incorporates many ground-breaking technologies, resulting in unparalleled sonic performance. The HD30 features outstanding connectivity, allowing one to connect to virtually any digital source/device with easy control. The HD30 is, without a doubt, HEGEL´s most advanced product to date. In my humble opinion, it´s the finest product ever created by HEGEL.\"
Bent Holter
Founder Hegel Music System

The HD30 is the ultimate digital control center. It does everything you can dream of, and does so with world-class quality. There is an abundance of inputs, ranging from balanced AES/EBU and BNC connectors, to Network and USB connections - with the latter also accepting DSD signals. The built-in volume attenuator allows you to connect directly to a power amplifier or a pair of active loudspeakers. Highly advanced power supplies and careful lay-out brings the noise floor down towards a mindblowing -150dB. In short... Do you even dare to try it?

When designing a digital-to-analog converter of world class, you are essentially making a masterpiece. One for others to try and copy. It is not enough to select the best components on the market and lay them out cleverly. When creating a masterpiece, you must question if you can make it better than the best. The HD30 was just such a masterpiece project. To reach goals that, up until now, was seen as unobtainable, we need to tweak the world’s best measuring equipment available. Just to be able to fine-tune our clock crystals and power supplies. We designed master clocks from the ground up and went to great lengths to design ultra low noise power supplies and shielding from outside interference. The results are stunning. The musicality of the HD30 is at a level never before heard. You can experience instruments and virtually feel the room they play in. You feel the smile widening in your face and the hair rising on your arms when the HD30 begins to play. The finger touching the string, a millisecond before the guitar starts to sound. The singer drawing that breath of anticipation right before he starts playing in front of a live crowd.

Whether you choose to use Apple AirPlay, a CD-player, a computer or any other device. The HD30 will bring all the music and enthusiasm that exists in the recording.

DAC upplösning
: Dual mono 32 bit/192 kHz multilevel sigma-delta DAC
Digitala ingångar:
►1x BNC
►1x Koaxial S/PDIF
►3x Optisk S/PDIF
►1x USB
►1x Network
Analoga utgångar:
►1x Obalanserad RCA, fixed
►1x Balanserad XLR, fixed
Andra ingångar: Direct IR in - 3,5mm kontakt, max 12V
Frekvensomfång: 0 Hz till 50 KHz
Brusnivå: Minus 150 dB
Distorsion: Mindre än 0,0005 %
Strömförsörjning: Separata Torodial transformatorer för analog och digital sektion. Kondensatorer på 54.000 uF.
Mått: 430x100x310mm (BxHxD)
Vikt: 6,5 Kg