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Meridian Prime inkl PSU


Meridian Prime inkl PSU

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Meridian Prime hörlursförstärkare inkl. Power Supply

Recently, the headphone market has greatly increased in popularity, and for many it is the primary way to experience music. This choice is based not only on performance, but also feel, comfort, and style. It is with this in mind we introduce Meridian Prime Headphone Amplifier.

With a new chassis design instantly identifiable as Meridian DNA, Meridian Prime delivers lifelike performance from any headphone and is designed to appeal to audio enthusiasts who seek the highest possible performance from conventional analogue audio sources.

Meridian Prime provides three inputs, one dedicated and optimised to USB sources for computer audio, discrete pure analogue inputs on RCA for traditional sources, and a 3.5mm connection for portable devices such as a smart phone or tablet.

ASP, or Analogue Spatial Processing, is an option for “outside the head” listening through headphones.

Analogue signal path throughout.
6-layer PC board for maximum signal isolation and enhanced performance.
Analogue Spatial Processing offers dual-mode loudspeaker-like listening on headphones – with bypass.
Audio components mounted near rear- panel sockets for ultra-short signal path.
Analogue logic switching.
USB 2.0 asynchronous playback at up to 192kHz/24-bit with upsampling and resolution enhancement.
Externally-powered USB input: disconnecting deactivates all digital electronics.
Dual 1/4in stereo headphone sockets with separate-wire grounding (may be used with separately-wired headphones) plus 3.5mm stereo jack.
High-quality gold-plated sockets.
Headphone-only mode powers down preamp output.
Relay muting on power-up and power- down for thump-free operation.

1x stereo line-ingång (2x guldpläterade RCA)
1x stereo line-ingång (3.5mm jack)
1x USB-ingång (mini-B USB-kontakt)

1x stereo line-utgång (2x guldpläterade RCA)
2x 6.3mm jack plug
1x 3.5mm jack stereo miniplug
Relästyrd power up/down muting på alla utgångar

USB Ingång
<192kHz/24-bit sampling Meridian Resolution Enhancement teknik inklusive uppsampling och Apodising
Interface-powered: kopplar bort USB - stänger ner alla digitala delsystem

Analogue Spacial Processing
Ljudbehandlingskretsar levererar ett “outside the head” ljud, att lyssna på hörlurar liknar det att lyssna på högtalare
Två olika lägen plus bypass
Analog switching
Kort signalväg

ALPS analog volym potentiometer med flexibel axelkoppling från frontpanelen kontrollerar alla utgångar
Ingångsväljare: tryck för att välja mellan line-ingång, 3.5mm-ingång och USB
Analog signalbehandlings väljare: I, II eller Bypass

1x, 2x, 4x indikatorer för digital samplingsfrekvens
A/B/Bypass Analoga Signalbehandlings
RCA/3.5mm mini-jack/USB ingångsväljare indikatorer
Strömbrytaren lyser blått i standby, vit med alla utgångar aktiva, grönt när preamp utgången är avaktiverad (håll knappen nedtryckt för att växla)

Plug-in PSU tillhandahålls, kan även drivas med Prime strömförsörjning för överlägsen prestanda (kommer in i lager våren 2014)

Mått: 160x50x150mm (BxHxD), exklusive kontakter
Vikt: 0.9 kg

Prime inkl PSU