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Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless Cooper

Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless Cooper

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Amiron Wireless Copper

Sluten exklusiv trådlös Bluetooth-hörlur på 32 ohm med Tesla-teknologi. Styr volym och växla låtar direkt på hörlurens touchpad. Mer än 30 timmars batteritid. Detaljer i koppar finish. Via Beyerdynamics MIY app kan du göra ett hörseltest (MOSAYC) och hörluren kompenserar då ljudet efter din hörselförmåga. Made in Germany.

High-end Tesla Bluetooth® headphones with sound personalization (closed)
- Circumaural headphones with optimum sound quality (Qualcomm® aptX™ HD and AAC - plus aptX™ LL)
- Elegant copper elements: decorative rings made of solid copper
- MOSAYC sound personalization thanks to beyerdynamic MIY app
- Touchpad control and more than 30 hours battery life
- Made in Germany

Home has always been considered the ideal place to experience your music. Now with the Amiron wireless, your music has the space to reach its full potential – and follow you wherever you go. Without cables. With best sound quality.
Copper: versatile, remarkable, and vibrant. For centuries, it has exemplified innovation and to this day continues to be admired for its beauty and its inimitable play of colour. It’s no wonder that designers and trend-setters favour copper as their natural material of choice. In addition to legendary sound, the pinnacle of visual perfection is achieved: the Amiron wireless is now available in the colour option Amiron wireless copper.
The music that moves you deeply can finally move with you. Every room comes alive with the mind-blowing wealth of detail thanks to our legendary Tesla technology. No two seconds pass after the comfortable pads have enveloped your ears before you are immersed in the captivating spacious and realistic sounds produced by the Amiron wireless – from deep and precise basses to equally full and natural mids, through to silky-clear highs.
The pinnacle of both visual and sound perfection: Novel copper elements enhance the beauty of the Amiron wireless copper. The delicate voice coils composing the heart of the headphones were the inspiration for selecting copper to be a visible design feature. The decorative rings are made of solid copper, and the look of the semiprecious metal was applied to the ornamental stitching on the headband as well as to the serial number. The look of this exquisite metal is enriched by the headphone’s dark, technical appearance and the soft headband made of Alcantara®. Elegance that attracts attention.
Our sense of hearing is unique and changes over the course of our lives. Like a mosaic, some pieces of the sound picture get lost or they fade. The unique MOSAYC sound personalization by Mimi Defined™ compensates exactly this development and adjusts itself precisely to your hearing ability.
Whether desk, kitchen or armchair – your music can now follow your every move. Without cables. But with best sound quality. The Amiron wireless impresses with its ultimate ease of use via the intuitive touchpad and excellent Bluetooth® transmission. And fitted with the best available codecs: Qualcomm® aptX HD™ and Apple AAC – plus aptX™ LL for audio transmission with least possible delay. Optimized for hi-res audio*.
*only with wired connection
With the Amiron wireless, all you feel is the music. And for hours on end. This is possible thanks to decades of experience in the design of headphones for musicians, sound engineers and audiophile music enthusiasts. The result: perfect wearing comfort. Thanks to masterfully balanced contact pressure and an uncompromisingly perfect fit.
The Amiron wireless will delight you for a very long time – and that's something you'll sense at the first touch. And the next. Year after year. This is the feeling of flawless workmanship carried out by experienced hands in our German headquarter.

Design Sluten
Impedans 32 ohm
Frekvensåterg. 5- 40,000 Hz
Ljudnivå 100 dB
Konstruktion Omslutande öronkåpor
Kabel Trådlös via Bluetooth
Vikt 400 g
Tillverkn. land Tyskland

Amiron Wireless Cooper