Dynaudio Emit 10

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Dynaudio Emit 10 hos Lefflers Ljud & Bildupplevelser i Norrköping

Hi-fi börjar med Emit.Emit är din väg till äkta välljudande dansk hi-fi. Njut av din musik och dina filmer på ettsätt du aldrig trodde var möjligt till priset, tack vare premium Dynaudio akustik teknologi

Cerotar tweeter
All Emit speakers use the Cerotar tweeter from the renowned Evoke series,
in turn is based on the formidable Esotar Forty tweeter from Dynaudio’s
Special Forty anniversary speaker. Cerotar’s custom AirFlow magnet is
made from strontium carbonate ferrite+ ceramic, while the 28mm voice-coil
is made from aluminium –
a Dynaudio signature, found in the company’s legendary Esotar3
high-frequency driver.
Advanced airflow-optimisation in the rear chamber is designed to reduce
unwanted resonances behind the coated fabric soft-dome diaphragm.
Meanwhile, the ingenious Hexis inner dome controls airflow, smoothing the
frequency response
for even cleaner, sweeter high-frequencies.
High-end drivers
Emit’s mid/bass drivers, midrange units and woofers are all based on
those found
in the Evoke range. Their diaphragms are made from MSP (Magnesium
Silicate Polymer) – a material Dynaudio developed itself, and which
delivers precisely the right combination of lightness, stiffness and
damping for incredible accuracy.
They’re bonded directly to the copper-clad-aluminium voice-coil assembly
for even more control over their movement.
Dual-stacked ferrite-ceramic magnet systems provide the power. Using more
magnets has given Dynaudio’s engineers greater control over the driver’s
movement and excursion for more sonic precision. This improves dynamics
at lower frequencies while maintaining stellar midrange performance.
Custom crossover
Emit’s crossovers are hybrid designs, using varying combinations of
first-, second- and fourth-order topologies. Why? Because a
one-size-fits-all approach simply wouldn’t deliver the performance level
Dynaudio’s engineers wanted to achieve. Giving each speaker in the range
its own combination of crossover designs means they could ensure sonic
unity across the range (essential in multichannel systems) while
optimising each individual speaker’s performance for the job it has to

All Emit speakers feature a new dual-flared bass-reflex port, optimised
to reduce air turbulence and minimise unwanted ‘chuffing’, particularly
with deep notes. And that attention to detail even extends to the
internal damping material, which has been measured down to the gram for
the right combination of damping and openness.
Emit’s cabinets are made from 18mm MDF and are covered in beautiful
custom laminate finishes. There are three to choose from: Black, White
and Walnut.

All speakers come with magnetic black grilles.

Technical specifications

Sensitivity:85dB (2.83V/1m)
IEC power handling:150 watt
Impedance:6 Ω
Frequency response (± 3 dB):64Hz - 25kHz (-6 dB 52 Hz - 35 Khz)
Box principle:Bass reflex rear double flared port
Crossover frequency:3700 Hz
Crossover topology:1ST order tweeter / 2nd order woofer

Midrange / Woofer: 14cm MSP cone
Tweeter: Cerotar soft dome with Hexis
Weight: 6.43kg / 14.2 lb
Dimensions (W x H x D): 170 X 290 X 271,5 mm
Dimensions with feet/grille (W x H x D): 170 X 290 X 284,5 mm

Emit 10
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