Genelec GLM Kit

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Genelec GLM-Kit hos Lefflers Ljud & Bildupplevelser i Norrköping

För Genelecs SAM-högtalare.

GLM 3.0 är integrerad med Genelecs interna DSP-kretsar. Inkl. Genelec Network Adapter och mikrofon.

Sedan introduktionen har GLM mjukvaran hjälp ljudproffs att konfigurera, kalibrera och styra deras Genelec monitorsystem för att uppnå full prestanda i deras akustiska miljö. GLM 3 erbjuder Cloud Services, Reference Level lyssning och flera andra viktiga funktioner - vilket gör GLM 3.0 till den mest kraftfulla versionen av GLM hittills!

With GLM 3 you can…
Manage and control up to 45 SAM monitors and subwoofers.
Easily and swiftly create systems to suit all types of stereo, multiple stereo, multichannel or 3D immersive audio formats.
Optimise, combine and switch between Genelec monitors to make the most of the environment in which you are working.
Use AutoCal to achieve neutral sound reproduction. Accurate and stable sound stage imaging is delivered thanks to adjustments of levels, distance delays, subwoofer crossover phase and room response compensation equalisation.
Use the personalisation feature to customise your preferred response - without sacrificing predictability.
Submit your GLM files to our Cloud Helpdesk facility to access online expert support and advice.
Calibrate listening levels to loudness standards, such as ATSC A/85 and EBU R128, without the need for a high quality external monitor controller or other measurement tools.
Take advantage of GLM Cloud services anywhere and anytime – providing a secure back-up and instant access to the very latest software updates and standards.
Manage levels with the GLM master fader calibrated in relative dB or absolute SPL scale, or with external wired or wireless level controllers available as accessories.
Store calibration settings for different listening positions; then instantly recall them as required during production.
Create and recall customised response curves and analogue or digital inputs.
Enjoy the benefits of repeatable and consistent performance, enabling accurate monitoring in any production environment.

Operating System
Windows 10, Windows 8 or 8.1 (32- or 64bit), Windows 7
SP1 or newer (32- or 64bit), Vista, XP
Processor Intel Pentium or compatible, 1.6 GHz minimum.
GPU* DirectX 11.0 class or better.
RAM 2GB minimum
Disk space 1GB minimum
Display 1024 x 768 or higher-resolution monitor.

Operating System
OS X 10.11 El Capitan, OS X 10.10 Yosemite,
OS X 10.9 Mavericks
Processor and GPU* Mac has a qualified Processor and GPU
if Mac is running either of the operating systems above.
RAM 2GB minimum
Disk space 1GB minimum
Display 1024 x 768 or higher-resolution monitor.

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