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Melco N100 N100 Silver

Melco N100

28 490 kr

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28 490 kr Beställningsvara
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Melco N100 hos Lefflers Ljud & Bildupplevelser i Norrköping

Komplett musikbibliotek med Melco-lagring

Spela upp via UPNP eller direkt från N100 via en USB DAC.

Komplettera med en CD-läsare och du kan rippa dina skivor.

Kan även fungera som ROON Endpoint.( med en USB DAC)

N100 is the half-sized model of MELCO Digital Music Library – store your local file music tidily and play music with USB-DAC or Network Player.
The size and design is same as MELCO CD drive “D100” or network switch “S100“.
Made in Japan by “Takumi” ( “master” in Japanese).

Fine design both for rack-style and desktop use (215 mm)
Aluminum front and top panel with hairline finish
2 mm steel sheet chassis for anti-vibration
HDD is designed with anti-vibration system “HS-S²” (Highly Stable Storage System) under same concept as N1ZS/2A.
LAN port for direct connection with player (no LED for status indication)
USB2.0 x3 are compatible with USB-DAC, USB CD drive and USB storage such as USB HDD or USB flash memory. When the drive is connected, user can choose the purpose of the drive on the front display. (Import, expansion, backup, restore etc)
Low C/N clock of NDK
Power management system by FPGA for improved system stability.
Fan-less design

Music storage
1 x 3.5 inch selected HDD2TB on
Melco HS-S2 isolation platform
Network connectivity
LAN Port-Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T),
PLAYER port,
Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T),
DHCP server in isolated mode
USB connectivity
USB2.0 Front panel x 1
USB2.0 Rear panel x 2
Assignable as DAC, backup, import, expansion
USB Player sample rate support
16-32 bit (PCM) to 384kHz:- auto downsample to suit connected DAC.
Gapless PCM supported.
1 bit (DSD) to 11.3MHz Quad DSD.
Markerless DSD supported.
DSD to 32bit PCM conversion selectable.
Gapless DSD supported.
OLED displays player sample rate.
Power supply
Universal power adapter 100-240V AC 48W
Size 215 x 61 x 269mm (W H L)
Weight 3kg