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Polk Audio Reserve R400C

Polk Audio Reserve R400C

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The R400 offers unrivalled power and clarity from a center channel speaker. The addition of two 6.5” turbine cone woofers and Polk’s unique X-Port technology means it delivers enormous yet balanced sound, ideal for the ultimate home theater system.
Benefits* Patent pending X-Port* Unrivalled power and clarity* Blends into any décor* Sleek and elegant design
POWER AND CLARITYAs we get older, we learn what better looks like, feels like, tastes like, and even drives like. Inheriting best-in-class technologies from our flagship Legend series of loudspeakers, the Polk Reserve series helps teach you what better sounds like.
CRYSTAL CLEAR VOCALS FOR HOME THEATERThe center channel is the most important speaker in any home theater setup. The Reserve R400 uses Polk’s latest flagship transducer array to deliver clear, crisp, intelligible dialogue no matter where you sit.
PINNACLE RING RADIATOR TWEETERThe Pinnacle Ring Radiator Tweeter’s distinctive pointed shape guides the dispersion of high frequency sounds around a room. This innovation widens the sweet spot and allows you freedom to enjoy your music and movies wherever you choose to sit.

TURBINE CONE WOOFEROur pioneering turbine design delivers a significant increase in cone rigidity without increasing mass. This innovation means the woofer can move with increased accuracy and speed to deliver enhanced sound resolution, enabling you to experience a breathtaking level of detail in your music and movies.

X-PORTPolk’s proprietary X-Port eliminates unwanted noise created as air moves in and out of the speaker cabinet port at high-speeds. This ensures a rich and detailed listening experience with tight distortion-free bass and a clean midrange.


* Speaker Type: Performance Center ChannelTRANSDUCER:* Tweeter: 1″ Pinnacle Ring Radiator* Mid-range/Mid-bass: –* Woofers: Two 6 ½” Turbine Cone* Overall Frequency Response: 36Hz – 50kHz* Frequency Response (-3dB limits): 48Hz – 39kHz* Recommended Amplifier Power: 25 – 200W* Amplifier Output Compatibility: 8Ω / 6Ω / 4Ω* Minimum Impedance (ohms): 4.1Ω* Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 89dBCROSSOVER:* Tweeter/Mid-range Crossover Frequency: 2500* Mid-range/Mid-bass Crossover Frequency:MEASUREMENTS:* Product Dims W x H x D (Includes width of feet): 615 x 196.6 x 350mm* Product Weights (each): 14.9 kg* Shipping Weight: 17,9 kgCABINETRY:* New CRC (Mid-Range Enclosure Type): –* Mid-Bass / Woofer Enclosure Type: Dual Rear X-Ports* Feet: Rubber pads* Wall-Mountable (keyhole slots): No* Binding Posts: Nickel-plated 5-Way: SingleCertifications (Non-Safety and Regulatory)* Hi-Res Certified: Yes* IMAX Certified: Yes* Shipping Dims (WxHxD): 740 x 483 x 293mm

Reserve R400C