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Q Acoustics Concept 30 Concept 30 Piano Silver

Q Acoustics Concept 30

10 990 kr

10 990 kr Finns för visning / demo
10 990 kr Beställningsvara
10 990 kr Beställningsvara
Finns för visning / demo (2-4 arbetsdagar)
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Q Acoustics Concept 30 hos Lefflers Ljud & Bidupplevelser i Norrköping

Dessa nya högtalare i serien Concept tar plats precis under dom prisbelönta Concept 500 och 300 för att skapa en mer komplett serie.

Med hjälp av akustisk teknik och design från flaggskeppet Concept 300, samtidigt som den introducerar nya ljudinnovationer, ger Concept 30 verklig en imponerande ljudkvalité

Concept 30
Standmount Speaker
Taking acoustic technology and design cues from the flagship Concept 300, while also introducing new audio innovations, the Concept 30 standmount delivers truly high-end home audio performance.

Gelcore™ cabinet construction reduces higher frequency cabinet noise.
P2P™ (Point to Point™) internal bracing stiffens the cabinet to minimise lower frequency vibrations.
Isolation suspension base eradicates unwanted external and internal vibrations.
The driver assembly is mounted to the front aluminium baffle by pretensioned studs to give the correct acoustic seal, while dampen vibrations and minimise structural coupling of the assembly in main cabinet.
Ground-up mid/bass and tweeter driver design for increased power handling.
High-frequency driver is fully hermetically sealed and mechanically isolated (floating) from the front baffle to protect from internal resonances from the mid/bass driver.
Crossover design is mounted on the isolation base, to minimise any microphonic pick up and away from electro-magnetic fields radiated by the drive units.

Controlled power
All driver designs have been specially developed, from the ground-up for the Concept Series. Each driver is optimised to deliver a neutral, powerful and dynamic audio, free from exterior and interior resonances that can affect the transparency of sound. New innovations on the Concept 30, 50 and 90 include a hermitically sealed and decoupled tweeter enclosure to shield from internal resonances from the mid/bass driver and reduce distortion, a driver assembly baffle-mounted design to dampen vibrations, while a larger mid/bass driver voice coil increases motor strength resulting in a 50% increase in power handling.

Controlled power
Designed as an integral part of the mechanical structure of the cabinet, both the 5-inch mid/bass and 0.9-inch tweeter drivers are new, ground-up designs specifically for the Concept 30, 50 and 90 loudspeakers. The drive units are fixed to a remarkably stiff 3mm aluminium baffle plate before it is fitted to the cabinet - this gives the correct acoustic seal, dampening vibrations and minimising structural coupling

Elsewhere, the tweeter is hermetically sealed and mechanically isolated (floating) from the baffle, which means lower distortion and a lower crossover point for seamless integration through the crossover region. At 30.5mm, the larger mid/bass driver voice coil increases motor strength resulting in a 50% increase in power handling over a comparable driver with 25.4 mm voice coil.

Lastly, the crossover itself is mounted to the isolation base, keeping it free of sound-effecting vibrations and away from the electro-magnetic influence of the drivers themselves.

Bass unit 1 x 125 mm (5.0 in)
Treble unit 1 x 25 mm (0.9 in)
Frequency response(-6dB) 54 Hz - 30 kHz
Nominal impedance 6 Ω
Minimum impedance 3.9 Ω
Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1kHz) 87 dB/w/m
Recommended amplifier power 25-100 W
Crossover frequency 2.4 kHz
Distortion (120Hz - 20kHz, @2.83Vrms) <0.2%

Effective volume 7.0 L
Dimensions (per loudspeaker / HxWxD) 284 x 180 x 319 mm
Weight (per loudspeaker) 7.9 kg

Concept 30