Q Acoustics Concept 500

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Q Acoustics Concept 500 hos Lefflers Ljud & Bildupplevelser i Norrköping

Flaggskeppet och den ikoniska Concept 500 golvhögtalaren använder avancerad, innovativ teknik för att leverera ren ljudkvalitet och ett sensationellt ljudåtergivning som aldrig tidigare hörts på denna nivå.

Q Acoustics Concept 500
The top-of-the-range Concept speaker, this high-end floorstander is designed to appeal to discerning audiophiles. The Concept 500 achieves a perfect balance between art and science. It is a loudspeaker that is at once, stylish, contemporary, exquisite-sounding and astonishingly accurate

Key Features
The High-end Concept 500 Floorstanding Speakers adopt advanced, innovative technologies to deliver pure audio excellence and a sensational sound stage.
The Concept 500 pairs Point-to-Point (P2P™) bracing to deal with low-frequency panel vibrations with Helmholtz Pressure Equalizers (HPE™) to balance out pressure irregularities.
Three separate layers filled with a non-setting gel, which dampens the cabinet walls and converts higher frequency vibrations into heat for better performa

"The Concept 500s prove Q Acoustics can compete at all levels. They’re superb speakers for the money."
What Hi-Fi?, 5 Stars

"Mainstream speaker makers often struggle when they move upmarket, but not Q Acoustics. The Concept 500 is an audacious new floorstander employing highly optimised drivers and cabinet...This loudspeaker sounds refined way beyond its price, with a neutral yet musical performance."
EISA, Best Product

Frequency Response
41 Hz - 30 kHz
Average Impedance
6 Ω
Minimum Impedance
3.7 Ω
Recommended Power
25 - 200 W
Distortion (120 Hz - 20 kHz)
0.2 %
Crossover Frequency
2.5 kHz
Mid Bass / Driver
2 x 165 mm
High Frequency Unit
28 mm
Size (H x W x D)
1150 x 400 x 350 mm cabinet
1175 x 400 x 375 mm overall
42kg (92.6 lbs)
Links are provided to
adjust the high frequency
+ or - 0.5 dB.

Concept 500
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