Rega Osiris

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Integrerad förstärkare. Rega's Flaggskepp och stora stolthet. Rega's samlade erfarenheter under 33 år ligger till
Integrerad- grund för utvecklingen av Osiris. En verkligt kompromisslös konstruktion helt igenom byggd med 'Stateförstärkare
Of-The-Art' komponenter och helt diskret uppbyggd. Dessutom väger den in på mäktiga 25,6 kg!
Dubbelmonokonstruktion 2x162W i 8 Ω (250 W i 4 Ω). 8 st Sanken 200W transistorer i "Triple" konfiguration och
dubbla specialdesignade transformatorer på vardera 400VA garanterar närmast outömliga resurser. Separat
strömförsörjning för ingångsväljare, display, kontrollkretsar och skyddskretsar. Rega Systemfjärrkontroll medföljer

The Osiris uses a low distortion high linearity and a bandwidth common base voltage amplifier driver stage. This type of symmetrical circuit topology will provide the necessary voltage swings to enable the Osiris to drive any speaker system with the minimum of distortion. Eight Sanken 200 Watt output transistors are used in a "triple" high current output stage enabling the Osiris to drive even the most awkward of speaker systems with ease. The cascoded differential input amplifier uses two low noise LED referenced current generators. The open & closed loop feedback levels and gain bandwidth product components are optimised to give a tight and controlled sound stage, especially at the low frequency end of the audio range. Nichicon audio grade capacitors are used in bypass and de-coupling positions. Electrolytic capacitors have been bypassed with polyester capacitors where necessary, improving on the HF performance. Low inductance film SM power resistors are used in the output stage.
Power Supply
The Osiris uses two low noise, purpose designed 400VA toroidal transformers using high-grade, fully bonded core material. The transformers are mounted to the chassis using Rega's innovative mounting technique which eliminates noise being transferred from the transformer to the case when the transformers are operating under arduous mains (line) conditions with high levels of asymmetric mains (line) distortion.
These transformers combined with 40,000 Micro Farads of Rega K-Power smoothing capacitors per channel, provide more than enough current to drive the hardest of loads. All the power supplies utilise fast recovery rectifier diodes throughout. (Fast diodes generate less high frequency switching noise therefore giving rise to a cleaner DC).
The input and low-level driver stages are fed from a regulated symmetrical tracking power supply with a low noise voltage reference, which provides a fully stabilised low noise voltage, ensuring the highest level of sonic purity. All the dedicated audio power supplies feed only the audio circuits. The input switching, display & micro controller and protection circuits have their own dedicated supplies, keeping the audio signal path as pure as possible.

Technical Specification
Thermal cut out
Electronic thermal DC protection
Short Circuit Protection
Galvanically isolated power supply
Nichicon Audio Grade Capacitors
Cascoded differential input
Direct Input
High Specification mains lead
Custom aluminium Osiris remote control
Specifications at 160w into 8Ω
Power output 162 Watts per channel RMS
Input sensitivity for 160 Watts into 8Ω 250 Watts into 4Ω
Amplifier gain: Direct input 44dB
Record output 215mV into 100K
Frequency Response 10Hz (-1.7dB point)
THD + Noise Less than 0.05%
Power consumption 560W at 115/230V
Dimensions: W 434mm x D 350mm x H 122mm
Weight 25.6kgs

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