Revival Audio SPRINT 4

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Sprint. - en helt ny serie av tillverkaren från Frankrike!

Sprint spinner vidare på succen med Atalante serien. Alla tekniska lösningar från Atalante högtalarna - inklusive elementen finns representerade i Sprint högtalarna.
Diskanten är således en 1” Soft Dome Tweeter och basarna är 7” Basaltsandwich-element.

Sprint har en unik teknisk lösning som kallas Elytron. detta
är en patenterad utformning av frontbaffeln som agerar waveguide till
diskantelementet och samtidigt reducerar diffraktioner från MDF kabinettet i
de lägre frekvenserna.

SPRINT is so much more than an affordable speaker range. Based on almost four decades of expertise, SPRINT is the brainchild of some of the most innovative minds in the industry. We are amped to be bringing SPRINT onto the scene, reflecting our brand philosophy of taking listening to the next level.
Designed and engineered in the heart of France, at the award-winning Parisian A+A Cooren Design Studio, SPRINT boldly punches above its weight by doing so much more than any speaker you’ve seen before.
It’s just as beautiful as it is functional, slipping seamlessly into any living space or entertainment area. And beneath the surface, you’ll find the same cutting-edge acoustic tech and unbeatable sound that powered our immensely successful ATALANTE line. SPRINT is the next generation in the REVIVAL AUDIO family, carrying on the legacy in style.

Modern French Elegance. Classic Minimalist Beauty.
The dictionary describes “sound” as “vibrations that travel through the air”. But to us, it’s so much more than that.We believe that sound is a science and an art, which we strived to take to the next level through SPRINT.
Just as with our ATALANTE line, the SPRINT affordable speaker range was developed in collaboration with A+A Cooren Design, a Le French Design 100 Award-winning French studio in Paris. When conceptualising SPRINT, it didn’t take us long to determine what we had to do. We wanted to build a speaker that embodied modern French elegance, coupled with classic aesthetic minimalism. After many months of refinement and finessing, we are finally ready to bring SPRINT to the world.
The ”ELYTRON” makes SPRINT incredibly unique, with its organic shape and concealed grill covers at the back. ELYTRON’s colour was specially selected to match all three SPRINT finishes – Walnut, Black Oak, and Matte Black.
Every minute detail and nuance was designed with purpose to create a visual and auditory experience like no other. From the extended spiked feet, to the golden ratio of the cabinet, to the special-picked vinyl, SPRINT was built to make listening a pleasure every single day.

2.5-way bookshelf loudspeaker
1 1/8” (28mm) soft-dome tweeter equipped with Revival Audio ARID (Anti Reflection Inner Dome) patented technology with a large back chamber with a low resonance frequency of 650Hz
7” Mid/bass (18cm) BSC (Basalt Sandwich Construction) woofer
7” Bass (18cm) BSC (Basalt Sandwich Construction) woofer
Frequency Response (+/-3db)
45Hz – 22kHz (-3dB)
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m)
89dB/2.83V/ 1 metre
Nominal Impedance
4 ohms
Minimum Impedance
3.8 ohms at 200Hz
Crossover Frequency
1.6kHz and 2.2kHz
Recommended Amplifier Power
Power handling: 180 watts, starting from 30-50 watts.
Recommended Room Size
30 to 60 m2
Dimensions (H*W*D)
1060 mm x 213 mm x 307 mm
Net Weight
20.6 kg (45.42 lbs.)

Revival Audio SRINT 4

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