WiiM Pro Plus

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Den nya Wiim Pro + har  en betydligt mer påkostad DAC (AKM) och ADC samt andra

kretsar uppgraderade för en bättre analog del, både ut och in.

Fjärrkontroll medföljer.

Value proposition

Simple system

Direct to your AMP or powered speaker without external DAC.Audio quality is comparable with WiiM Pro connected to the external DAC.(up to $300 price).


Resolve compatibility issues with some (low-end) DACs that don’t handle the clock, variable sample rate/bit depth properly, or don’t support up to 24-bit/192kHz digital input.

Better audio quality for analog input

The better audio quality for analog input sources.

Cost Effective

Save the external DAC and cable costs.

The WiiM Pro Plus was a significant upgrade in terms of audio quality for analog audio input and output, total system cost, and system setup. These enhancements aimed to provide users with a more powerful, high-fidelity, and hassle-free music streaming experience compared to the previous model, the WiiM Pro.

Pro Plus
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