Pro-Ject A2

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Med Pro-Ject A2 fortsätter framgången för våra automatiska skivspelare. Nytt på automatiken av A2 kan du nu välja startspunkt för 7"
(singlar) eller 12" (LP-skivor) för 45 RPM-skivor. Vi har också lagt till 78 RPM till systemet så att du kan
gräva tillbaka i gamla schellacksamlingar. På typiskt Pro Ject-sätt är motorn elektroniskt styrd för de mest exakta och stabila uppspelningshastigheterna.


NEW Sub-chassis principle
• NEW 8 layer hand painted MDF main chassis
• NEW Diecast aluminium automatic mechanics cover
• NEW 8,3” black-aluminium ultra-light-mass tonearm
• NEW 33/45/78 RPM electronic regulated DC motor
• NEW Massless tracking force adjustment
• NEW Ultra-low friction 4-point cardanic aluminium
tonearm bearing
• NEW Damped counterweight to eliminate resonances
• NEW Pre-adjusted Ortofon 2M Red cartridge*
• NEW Silicon damped aluminium feet
• Precise mechanics with automated start and stop
• Damped aluminium platter for decreased wow & flutter
• Carbon fibre reinforced anti-magnetic headshell
• Premium semi-symmetrical Connect it E phono cable
• Gold plated RCA cable connectors
• Dust cover included
• Handmade in Germany

Press start and the tonearm is automatically moved to the lead in groove of the record. Once playing, the automatics are completely taken out of the
equation. And because the automatics are working
entirely mechanically – no additional electronics
needed – they are truly not influencing or degrading sound quality during playback!
MDF main chassis & sub-chassis
The new heavy MDF main chassis is made and designed in Austria and carefully hand painted in a
luxurious 8-layer matt black finish. It provides a
very sturdy base for the sub-chassis and reduces
hollow spaces to avoid resonances. The A2 employs a sub-chassis construction, where the tonearm, platter bearing and motor are mounted onto a
separate floating sub-chassis. This isolates all the
most critical turntable elements further and has
especially big advantages, when your loudspeakers are very close to your turntable.
Improved automatic mechanism
We have invested in a new aluminium diecast top
for the whole sub-chassis and automatic mechanism. Trying to avoid plastic parts from the original German automatic design, this is the first time
in all the 50 years of its existance that the original
automatic design has received an improvement
like this. Massless tracking force adjustment
The A2 uses a new system for setting the tracking
force. First you level out the tonearm with the damped counterweight. Damping the counterweight
makes the tonearm more robust and decouples the
counterweight reducing resonant frequencies.
Afterwards, the tracking force is set by turning a
dial directly on the tonearm bearing. This system
is very fast, precise and efficient, and keeps the
center of gravity directly on top of the bearing
center. The spring based anti-skating can also be
adjusted directly on the tonearm base.
Improved tonearm & cardanic bearing
The A2 features an 8.3” ultra-light-mass aluminium tonearm with an improved tonearm tube. A
perfect match for the Ortofon 2M Red. We retain
the super fast response and all transient detail
with lots of fine microdynamics, while the new 2M
Red adds a lot of body and musical warmth. The tonearm bearing is now made out of aluminium and
features a 4-pin-point cardanic construction with
steel tip-ball bearings from our own production.
Pro-Ject Design Philosophy
Adding Pro-Ject designs and ideas, we have spent
a lot of time on the A2‘s clean design language. You
will see similarities to iconic designs of the German
audio industry. Today, we believe that this minimalistic approach is very much modern again.
Finally, the A2 comes with our Connect it E phono
cable. It is a semi-balanced, low-capacitance cable, with superior shielding and unique in this price

Speed: 33, 45, 78 RPM (electronic speed change)
Drive principle: belt drive, fully automatic
Platter: damped aluminium platter
Wow & flutter: 33: +/-0,14%; 45: +/-0,12%
Speed drift: 33: +/-0,27%; 45: +/-0,22%
Signal to noise: 74dB
Tonearm: ultra-light-mass 8,3” aluminium tonearm
Effective arm length: 211mm
Overhang: 19,5mm
Included accessories: 15V DC / 0,8A power supply,
dust cover, 7‘‘ single adapter, feltmat, phono cable
Power consumption: 1,5W
Dimensions: 430 x 150 x 365 mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 7,3 kg net / 10 kg with packaging

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